In an hour of quick facts, West Group can become a reliable partner that requires a sophisticated approach to identifying any custom. My economic time and client’s resources offer a professional solution within one holding. This allows customers to get more without having to search for other contractors or contractors.

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The warehouse of responsible storage

The professional provision of warehousing services with the guarantee of the storage of the goods stored in the warehouse is responsible storage. West Group is one of the best and most reliable partners in the field of responsible storage. Warehouses: UA, PL.

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Transport services

Transport services from a company with many years of experience and perfect reputation. We provide all types of freight forwarding services available today. Directions: EU-UA, UA-EU, EU, UA.

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About the company

West Group Holding always listens to the wishes of the client, directing the cooperation in a constructive direction and developing an individual strategy for each task. Guided by the principles of customer priority, we only offer proven tools that really work and implement effective schemes to achieve your goals.

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West Group. We value your trust as much as your own reputation


West Group is your reliable partner with the universal service package

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West Group is an innovative business model providing a full range of services in key sectors of the economy

Logistic consultation

West Group is always an efficient logistics and transportation solution


West Group is versatile services and a professional approach for moving your business forward


West Group is an effective partnership for the implementation of complex tasks